Installation Instructions for Paladin's Legacy

19 years after my game was published, I decided to revisit the past and setup my old Color computer.  I was shocked to find that it still works and my old game still runs on the old 5.25 floppy disks.  Just for fun I searched the internet for any information on my game and was just as shocked to find a vibrant community of people still using, developing, sharing, selling and enjoying the Color Computer.  I even found one or two references to my game in forum posts from people looking for a copy to play.

With the very kind help of several members of this community, I  discovered the new world of emulation on PC.  Now you can play Paladin’s Legacy in Windows (any version) using the VCC emulator.  

You will need to download and install VCC and download the PaladinsLegacy_PlayerDisk and PaladinsLegacy_CityDisk.

Click Here to Download all files needed

To Play the Game in Windows:

  1. Download to your computer the 3 files in the Folder “The Game – What you need to play”. (SetupVcc1.40.exe, PaladinsLegacy_CityDisk.dsk, PaladinsLegacy_PlayerDisk.dsk)

  2. Install the VCC Emulator. File named “SetupVcc1.40.exe″

  3. Find the VCC application that SetupVCC1.40 installed on your computer. (Typically it will install it on your C: drive at c:/Program Files(x86)/VCC)

  4. Run VCC.exe. You should now see the green Color Computer screen in a window with a flashing cursor.

  5. **This one is very important, otherwise the Color Computer emulation display screen will look like crap when you run the game**

    Choose Configuration, Config in the menu at the top of the window. Click the Display Tab and choose Composite. (This will simulate screens from the old days.) Also check mark Allow Resize. (This will allow you to resize the window)

  6. Now you are ready to play but you need to insert the Player Disk. Just click Cartridge on the menu and select FD-502 Drive 0, Insert. This will bring up your windows file selection screen. Choose the PaladinsLegacy_Playerdisk.dsk that you previously downloaded. (Just like putting in the old floppy disk. The trick here is the game came on 2 floppy disks, a Player disk and a City Disk so every time you entered and exited a city, you would need to switch floppy disks in drive 0.)

  7. At the cursor prompt in the Color Computer window type: loadm"boot"

    (This is how you used to have to launch programs in the old days.)

  8. The game should start. The game will load with a title screen and then ask you if you have an RGB monitor. Choose N. Press Space Bar at the next title screen and the game will start.

  9. At this point, you can restore an old game or create a new character. Choose an option and follow the prompts. And then select play.

  10. Remember, every time you leave the main map (ie. enter a city) the game will prompt you to enter the City Disk. You will need to click Cartridge, FD-502 Drive 0, Eject “current disk in that drive” and then Insert and choose PaladinsLegacy_citydisk.dsk. Then press Enter in the game. You swap disks back to the Player Disk every time you leave a city. (It’s kind of a pain but then it wouldn’t be retro if there wasn’t some pain and it sure beats cassettes.)

  11. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about the game.

I am extremely thankful for the Members of the Maltedmedia Color Computer community who, in addition to showing more enthusiasm for this game now than was ever shown 19 years ago, have graciously provided me with PC based disk images of my game that enable it to be played in Windows and a copy of the only known game review in the June 1990 issue of Rainbow magazine.  I had no idea the game was ever reviewed.  Reading the review was a real treat……mostly.  On the other hand, a 19 year pause helped take some of the sting out of the minor criticisms.  You can find the review in the files section.