Paladin's Legacy

Paladin's Legacy, my first game, was published by Sundog Systems in 1989 and featured on the inside cover of Rainbow Magazine, the premiere magazine for the Tandy Color Computer.

A Tribute to Retro Gaming

Play Paladin's Legacy in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 using the VCC Emulator.   
Download everything you need from my Onedrive.

Spacebar: used for game combat.  (Once attacked, pressing spacebar will cycle through the combat sequence until either you or your opponent are dead.)
E: Enter city, castle, cathedral
B: Board boat
L: Leave boat
S: Statistics and Inventory
C: Climb up ladder
D: Climb down ladder
T: Talk to people (Press T then a direction)
Q: Save game
R: Restore old game
G: Get chest or Black Box
U: Use an item
A: Attack (initiate an attack)