Paladin's Legacy

A Tribute to Retro Gaming

Paladin's Legacy, my first game, was published by Sundog Systems in 1989 and featured on the inside cover of Rainbow Magazine, the premiere magazine for the Tandy Color Computer.

Play Paladin's Legacy in Windows (Any Version) using the VCC Emulator.   
Download everything you need from my Onedrive.

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Spacebar: used for game combat.  (Once attacked, pressing spacebar will cycle through the combat sequence until either you or your opponent are dead.)
E: Enter city, castle, cathedral
B: Board boat
L: Leave boat
S: Statistics and Inventory
C: Climb up ladder
D: Climb down ladder
T: Talk to people (Press T then a direction)
Q: Save game
R: Restore old game
G: Get chest or Black Box
U: Use an item
A: Attack (initiate an attack)