Where every move you make can shatter and break

It's not easy being metal in a land of glass.  
Jump into GlassLand and shatter your way to freedom!
Journey to Crystal City.  
Stowaway on a ship of glass.  
Descend into the underworld and brave the hazards of Wasteland.  
Join the resistance and break your way out of prison!  
Reveal the mystery behind Bouncer dominance!  
A cracking good adventure awaits across 30 handcrafted levels!


✓ Powered by NVIDIA's PhysX technology: metal on glass feels and sounds like the real thing.
✓ The most realistic glass shattering and smashing you have ever seen in a mobile game. 
✓ 60 frames per second, buttery smooth gameplay on newer iPads and iPhones. 
✓ Stealthily tip toe through levels to avoid attracting Bouncers, Plungers and Ropers
✓ Smash your way out of glass prisons! 
✓ Race across roof tops, smashing through windows and buildings as you avoid the Crusher! 

 In-App Purchase - GlassLand Upgrade:
✓ Complete the story and uncover the mystery
✓ Unlocks 20 additional levels


Music by Matthew Hruska