Acid Rain in Review for Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace

Acid Rain is finally on it's last leg of development.  I submitted my game for review at the Creators Club website.

In order to view or review games in review, you have to be a premium member of the Creator's Club which costs $90 per year.  So the link above will not take you directly to my game.  If you are a premium member, here is the link to Acid Rain in Review:

This is the final step needed in order to sell your game on the Xbox 360 in the Xbox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) marketplace.  I actually submitted it on March 15th...and so far I have had one person review it and provide information on a bug that I have been unable to replicate.

So at this point, it's really just a waiting game.  You wait and hope some kind soul will take their volunteer time to download your game, play it and either pass or fail it.  You need 3 passes to be approved and I think it's two fails to fail.  If you fail, you pull the game, make fixes and resubmit after a 7 day waiting period.

In the meantime, I've been working on forming my company, developing the box art for the game and putting together a website for my company.  It's really important anytime you plan on selling something to the public that you form an LLC or an S-Corp.  Yes you could always just use your social security number but that places you in grave personal risk at the whim of a litigious happy public.  Instead, when you form an LLC or S-Corp, you are not selling anything.  The company is selling the product and thus the risk is shifted from you personally to the company.  You are simply an employee of the company.  The bottomline here is something called the corporate veil.  It is a veil of protection that protects you, your family, your savings and any other assets you have built over your lifetime from lowlife nuts who would like to rob you of those things.  Remember, in this country, anyone can sue you for any reason.  If a person decides they are not happy with your product, they can sue you for everything you are worth.  When you form a company, they can not come after you or your personal assets, they can only sue the company.  Now they can destroy your company...but they can't take your home, your children's college funds etc.  You are protected by the corporate veil.  This is also known as liability protection and it is the #1 reason for forming a company.  And should be standard practice anytime you offer anything to the public.

My new company is called PermaFrost Gaming LLC.  That's a cute reference to my roots since I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska.  And I thought it would be cool to model an ice cube in Zbrush with a chunk of ground on top, with a little dude trying to climb up the cube.