Acid Rain: A Hero's Journey --Dream Build Play 2010 Entry

I submitted my game into Microsoft's 2010 Dream Build Play competition today. Deadline is tomorrow March 3rd so i just made it in.

Watch it full screen at Youtube: Acid Rain  

Make sure you switch the video to 720p in the lower right of the video window.  It defaults to 360p which looks fuzzy.

Whew.  I'm going to take a little break from my game and catch up on stuff I have neglected. I hope to do some posts about the tools I used to make my game and I'd like to do a series of tutorials on spritebatch. Oh yeah and I need to get my taxes done. I'm not sure how long the judging lasts but since I know there is no way I'll hear anything back, my plan is to go ahead and playtest for another couple of weeks then submit my game for playtesting with Microsoft (ie. the Creator's Club website). If it passes that I'll submit for review and with any luck get it on the Indie Live Marketplace. The DBP contest gave me a focus point which forced me to cut things off and consolidate/finalize missions etc.

So here is my gameplay video for Acid Rain. It's not a trailer. That will take a lot more work. This is just my submission video for DBP. This is also too long for a trailer which should probably be under a minute.