PermaFrost Gaming LLC is based in Tulsa Oklahoma.

It is PermaFrost's mission to make cool video games for platforms that offer a digital distribution method.

PermaFrost's first title, "Acid Rain", was launched in 2010 on the Xbox 360 Indie Game Marketplace.  "Acid Rain Heroes" , the sequel, was launched a few months later featuring 2 player co-op and auto switching split screen.  Both games are currently available on the Xbox 360 in the Indie Game Marketplace. 

PermaFrost Gaming released "GlassLand" on iOS for Apple devices on October 26th 2012.  

"Balancing Act" is PermaFrost's first multi-platform title.  Balancing Act launched December 20th, 2014 on Android devices and January 24th, 2015 on iOS for Apple devices.  After releasing "Balancing Act" on both Android and iOS, "GlassLand" was revisited and updated with tons of new features including the ability to switch between touch or tilt for movement, completely new menus, a new mission/level select screen, Achievements, coin collection, a new monetization system, 64 bit Metal support on iOS and more.  "GlassLand" was also released on Android in July 2015.